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MessageSujet: guns n ' roses guitariste ron 'bumblefoot ' thal   Ven 25 Fév - 3:05

GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal - "I Have A Life, You Have A Life, These Particular Trolls Don't"

GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has issued the following:

"OK, here's the deal with all the GN'R rumors. Some trolls tried to get attention by starting rumors, as they had seen others get. I called a few out on it personally, smacked 'em down and their panties are still all bunched up over it, so they've been going to different GNR fansites, they create an account with an IP scrambler, post these fake stories, and then disappear. They're 1) trying to get me back for bruising their ego, 2) they're trying to mindfuck the *real* GNR fans and make them lose faith in the band and band members they've gotten to know over the years, 3) they saw someone else get a lot of attention in a similar scenario recently, and want some attention themselves, from fans, and from me.

All they want to do is hurt the fans and the band. All the credible GNR fan-sites see it and have been deleting the silly posts by their own choice. Don't buy into it. Don't stand for it. And don't believe a WORD of it. If the people spreading this would like to come forward and show who they are, I'd be happy to bring them into a courtroom with a libel suit, and if they can prove their statements to be true I'll cover all costs and whatever else. But that wouldn't happen because every word of it is made up and that's why they don't stick around and remain in hiding.

To any news sites that spread the rumors without fact-checking, that'll post anything any sociopath makes up and give it a platform, you need to do better.

To sum it up, I have a life, you have a life, these particular trolls don't - they're just trying to tear us both down, because they're bitter.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) Don't give these people power, and don't do nothing. Find out who they are, and hold them personally accountable for fucking with you and the band.

OK, back to making music, loving my band, my family, the fans, and looking forward to seeing you all as soon as possible."

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal is keeping busy with his "song-a-month" program, which has included covers of THE BEATLES' classic 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and THE FOUR TOPS hit 'Bernadette'.

Bumblefoot tells "I have a hard time switching gears between 'tour mode' and 'writing mode', 'studio mode', and being on the road so much I haven't been able to get the momentum to make a full album happen. Thankfully we've got technology that allows for other alternatives, so this year I'm releasing a song-a-month, download-only.

After lots of exchanging ideas with fans, we came up with the best way to get the music to them, and with options they were interested in. Each song is downloadable in a choice of hi-res formats, there's an instrumental version available, for guitarists there's a Player Pack with lead guitar transcriptions and Backing Track mixes, and also a Producer Pack of mix stems that can be loaded into any multi-track software to make your own mix of the songs.

Each cover song is one that has stuck with me for years as a favorite, some going back to being a kid. Just giving a tribute to songs I love. The first song released was a punky cover of the Motown hit 'Bernadette' by the Four Tops. This week it's a cover of the Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever'. In March, it'll be an original song called 'Invisible'. Have six songs ready, hoping to write more and keep it going until I hit the road again. Maybe in the end I can do a CD bundled with a DVD or merch, but for now I'm just taking it a song at a time - real happy with how it's going, I've missed the studio, recording, producing, nice to be back."

Check out the players below for more info band sound samples:

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