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MessageSujet: NIKKI SIXX –   Mar 15 Mar - 0:37

NIKKI SIXX – “Jesus Was The First Rock Star”

Earlier this week, NIKKI SIXX of MÖTLEY CRÜE and SIXX: A.M. was the subject of a “celebrity interview” with Jeff Woods during Canadian Music Week. Highlights from their chat are as follows:

On April 12th, Sixx will issue his new book, This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx. When asked to describe his photography in a single word, Nikki paused and then replied, “honest.”

Sixx authored This Is Gonna Hurt entirely on his own without the aid of a ghost writer or outline. An achievement he is “very proud of.” Nikki did admit though that the process was “a lot more work than I thought it would be. I really appreciate that in other writers. I love the tempo of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg; it rambles but in tune to itself.”

Is writing more therapeutic than music? “As a lyricist, I only have a certain amount of words. ‘Shout At The Devil’ is a great example. Vince (Neil) always asked me why there were so many words in that song? Because I have a lot to say. Having the book, I get to go off.”

May 3rd is the release date of the new Sixx: A.M. album also titled, This Is Gonna Hurt, which Sixx described as “very honest as well.” Nikki spoke about two songs that appear on the album: ‘It Sure Feels Right’ and ‘Goodbye Dear Friends’. ‘It Sure Feels Right’ “is a love song to Los Angeles. It’s about driving. The whole song takes place in the front seat of a car. It’s purely a pop song; we stepped outside our comfort zone.” ‘Goodbye Dear Friends’ – “I wanted to write a song that will be played at my funeral. I don’t have anything to apologize for. It’s kind of a fuck you but a beautiful song as well.”

Concert behavior has certainly changed over the years. Today, “people are looking at their phones (taking pictures and/or video), not at the performance. It’s weird for me. I understand people want to capture a moment and share it. But as a rock band, sometimes we don’t fire on all cylinders. So when everybody sees it, I don’t want to be on YouTube as ‘Dumb Ass Of The Week’.”

The first single and video from This Is Gonna Hurt is ‘Lies Of The Beautiful People’; what are those lies? “I stopped to get gas and saw People magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People issue and it pissed me off! (Actor) George Clooney is a pretty good looking guy, but I don’t know him so don’t tell me he’s beautiful. I started judging people for judging people – then I realized I was being judgmental. I’ve been married twice to beautiful people (Playboy Playmates Brandi Brandt and Donna D’Errico) and have a lovely girlfriend (Courtney Bingham) but I can see inside. Let’s not let society make that decision. Let’s feel good about ourselves.”

Music today… “I’m sick of looking at bands that don’t scare me and don’t inspire me. They’re boring! I’m not seeing any new METALLICAs or GUNS N’ ROSES. Where’s the new STEVEN TYLER? I’d love to meet him and work with him. Bands on stage look like roadies. I come from the ‘70s where people had style. Fashion and music were in bed together.”

This season, Steven Tyler is a judge on American Idol. “I think American Idol needed Steven Tyler. This is a guy who can write songs, design sets, knows fashion. Who better? If anybody knows…”

Who or what is Nikki’s higher power? “Humility is everything. To be humble, you have to realize someone’s bigger than you. My kids kick my ass. Sometimes I have to check myself. I’m not a Jesus guy; I think he’s funny. He was the first rock star. He had chicks, wine, good hair, naked – and I’m going to hell (laughs).”

Sixx has four children aged 20, 16, 15 and 10. What’s the toughest thing about being a Dad? “Letting go; that to me is my big life lesson. Things work out.”
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