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 THOR Bringing New Mega-Show

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MessageSujet: THOR Bringing New Mega-Show    Mer 10 Nov - 0:04

THOR Bringing New Mega-Show To Quebec Metal Fest 9

BW&BK has received the following:

The very seas, land, and skies of Midgard will quake as the distant rumbling of THOR, The Rock Warrior, draws closer on a super collision course with the Quebec Metal Fest on November 13th at the prestigious Imperial Theatre in Quebec City.

The Thunder Chariot of legend is set to take to the stormy skies to bring Thor to the headlining slot of Quebec Metal Fest 9 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the triumphant Only The Strong album. The tour – which is being done in stages – continues through fall 2010 and coincides with the remastered re-release of this legendary album.

There are special surprises in store for the event, including a showing of the trailer of the exciting new movie: Rock & Roll Nightmare – Son Of Thor (check out a sneak peek below)!

Fresh off a whirlwind blitz of appearances in Kelowna, Calgary, Toronto, and two shows in Montreal, the sold out crowds were amazed by Thor's new mega-show. Jon Mikl Thor and his band received not only standing ovations from the huge crowds in attendance at each stop, but also for the preview trailer of the aforementioned Rock & Roll Nightmare – Son Of Thor, which was the highlight of the Spasm Film Festival in Montreal.

Thor's new show has an arsenal of props and stage clothing which can only be described as “mega”. Rue Morgue Magazine editor and chief Dave Alexander caught the show in Toronto, and enthuses, “You have to see, to believe!” After the Spasm Film Festival in Montreal, promoter Simon Lacroix exclaimed, “From now on I will call him ‘Mega Thor’!”

Check out footage from that event below.

Thor himself explains, “I want the Thor experience to be multi-dimensional. There is not only a live show but a preview of the movie that is to come, and more! We want to fully promote the upcoming comic, e-game, and movie.”

Currently in production in California, Florida and Canada, the feature film Rock N Roll Nightmare - Son Of Thor stars Jon Mikl Thor (RNR Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare), Dan Roebuck (Matlock, Flash of Genius), Leslie Easterbrook (A-Team, Halloween), Mark McCauley (The Punisher, After Burn)!

The movie – expected to be released in May 2011 - is being directed by John Fasano (Universal Soldier, Darkness Falls) and the screenplay written by his son John Cody Fasano based on the character from the 1982 Graphic Novel Thor - Rock Warrior by Jon Mikl Thor.

As well as an adrenalin pounding soundtrack – which will be on vinyl, CD, and iTunes - which will be released on the surprisingly successful independent label Vulcan Sky Records, the movie promises to deliver high action and horror in this mythological suspense thriller. The surprise new distributor of the film will be announced soon.

The musical setlist for the current world tour will also concentrate on Only The Strong. According to Thor: “We’ll probably do Only The Strong in its entirety. But we will have a couple others, like 'We Live To Rock' – everybody always wants to hear that one from Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare, which of course was recently voted The Greatest Rock & Roll Movie of All Time by Exclaim Magazine, which we’re very proud of! That’s over A Hard Day’s Night and all the biggest rock movies of all time! Even Spinal Tap! We were very proud to get that award! That song ‘We Live To Rock’ is from that movie, and everybody wants to hear it all the time. So we’ll play that. Of course we’ll play some of the favorites, but we’re mainly concentrating on Only The Strong.”

As befitting a Thunder God, Only The Strong shot like lightning up the UK charts when it was originally released in 1985 on the strength of such anthems as the title track, 'Thunder In The Tundra', 'Let The Blood Run Red', still audience favorites to this very day! The original release was on vinyl, however, and ravenous fans have hungered for the album to be released in CD form. Not only have their prayers reached Asgard itself, they’re treated to these favorite songs remastered with the strength and polish of a well-honed sword.

“We totally remastered and enhanced everything, remixed it,” said Thor. “ I give all the credit to Steve Price and his studio Stepco Sound in Boca Raton, Florida, for doing that. Steve really worked hard in the remastering.”

Die-hard collectors, take note: there will be 3 versions unleashed of Only The Strong – the North American version (Vulcan Sky Records), the European version (Ektro Records), and an iTunes version.

What’s the difference between them? “They sound exactly the same,” Thor explains. “Just the cover is different. The iTunes one that is coming out, the cover is also different, and there will be a different bonus track. But the album is exactly the same. There are bonus tracks on there, like there’s a live version from the Swedish Rock Festival of ‘Warriors Of The Universe'. We’re really excited about that. It’s got really good crowd response singing along with the song.”
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THOR Bringing New Mega-Show
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