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CRIMSON GLORY – 3, 2, 1…Countdown To Re-Launch In Marietta

By Mark Gromen

In the last twelve years, the legendary Floridian outfit CRIMSON GLORY has gone through fits and starts, trying to live up to their classic legacy, yet hampered by circumstance. An on-off relationship with then unknown local singer Wade Black led to Astronomica (’99) and though guitarist/founder Jon Drenning reconciled with ailing original vocalist Midnight prior to his untimely demise, the once brilliant voice could never be fully harnessed for live shows, nor recorded material. With Midnight’s passing, there’s no longer any illusions of an '80s line-up reformation, so Drenning and Crimson Glory could either fade into history or find a new frontman and continue.

Unlike bassist Jeff Lords and guitar partner Ben Jackson, both of whom have spent the post-Crimson years offering fans new music, Drenning has generally remained out of limelight (despite a brief career as a college football draft analyst, returning to college for a budding career in the medical field and getting married to Danae, who recently has graced the stage as a backup singer, particularly at the Midnight tribute at 2009’s ProgPower headlining extravaganza). Needless to say, the guitarist is eager to get back to his musical love. will be in the house when the next incarnation of Crimson Glory headlines the Pathfinder Metalfest, at The Local Venue, in Marietta, Georgia, November 6th.

“There’s only one first time, so people who want to see the re-launch of Crimson Glory should come out,” teases an obviously pumped Drenning. “A guy from ARTIZAN, one of the other bands on the bill, called to see if we had any interest. The people of Georgia treated us well last year (at ProgPower) and we look forward to going back. We’ll have merch with us, some stuff leftover from ProgPower last year. I’m not sure we’ll have anything new, but most of us will probably be up there on Friday (CIRCLE II CIRCLE is playing the same venue on November 5th) to hang out with the fans and maybe give them something special.” So what can people expect to hear? “We’ve written some new songs and we’re in the process of demoing them. I don’t know if we’ll play any at Marietta, as we’re trying to get Todd (LaTorre) learn the classic songs. This will be his coming out (party) as we wanted to do a couple of US shows before we head over to Europe, next Spring. We’re doing Keep It True festival (in Germany), Karmaggedon (in Norway) and some shows around those, in the Netherlands, maybe some others. Those people want to hear the classic Crimson Glory songs, so we’re going to concentrate on the first two albums.”

That’s news that’s sure to warm the hearts of the Crimson faithful. So when might we get to hear this planned opus? Have labels been sniffing around? “Ideally, we’d like to record the album after we have a deal and we’ve heard from a lot of people who are interested.” Given the sketchy history the band has had with past labels (Drenning's has been quoted in other interviews as saying they’ve never received any royalties from their albums, initial or reissues), don’t be surprised if they adopt the twenty-first century business model and issue it themselves. “Funny you should say that, I talked to Tom Youngblood, from KAMELOT at ProgPower. They are doing that (with Poetry For The Poisoned) in the US. I told him I’d be watching how that works for them.”

In the meantime, there will be a slew of vintage product in 2011, to commemorate the band’s 25th anniversary. “Crimson Glory has always been a fan’s band. We were never “media” (darlings). You mentioned something about labels and downloading, I’ve never been one to complain about that, as I’ve always felt that once we record a song, it belongs to the people. What they do with it is up to them. We just hope we have a chance to create new music for them. There’s a bunch of stuff coming out for the 25th Anniversary: DVDs, music… There’s a live video from ’89 with Midnight, a DVD of last year’s (ProgPower tribute) in Atlanta. A Polish company did a box set (that we didn’t authorize), but we’re going to do our own, with lots of unheard stuff and then there’s the new album, that we’d like to have out next fall.”

“I always wanted to do another record with Midnight, but that didn’t happen. It didn’t feel right to do another record with another singer, while he was alive. We did that once, with Astronomica. With his passing, he freed us up to continue our legacy with another unknown. Like when we started with him. Todd never heard our music. He knew the name, but never heard the music. He came from more of a Bruce Dickinson/Geoff Tate style, but after singing Midnight songs for a year, he’s got that in the mix. That’s why we put out those clips on YouTube of him singing the old stuff.”

Speaking of the legacy, would that ever include a return to wearing the (silver) masks? “Of course that’s part of the legacy and I get asked that all the time, but I’ve learned never to say yes or no. For the right price, we’ll do anything (he laughs)! We would have to be well compensated and have it documented (recorded) properly.”

A fan can hope! In the meantime, if you’re anywhere around Northern Georgia, the first weekend of November, head over to the Pathfinder Metalfest to witness history, once again.
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CRIMSON GLORY – 3, 2, 1…
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