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MessageSujet: ECLIPSE ETERNAL    Lun 27 Sep - 15:05

ECLIPSE ETERNAL Recording The Essence Of Hopelessness Album

Life in Black

Keyboardist Carver from Toronto-based black metallers ECLIPSE ETERNAL has issued the following update:

"Things have been a little quiet from the Eclipse camp lately, so here’s a run-down of what’s going on.

The recording of our ensuing album, The Essence Of Hopelessness, is thankfully nearing completion (recording was a little slow due to some logistical issues, but we're back on track now). The bulk of the songs are done; what remains is to finish the keyboards, do the few clean vocal passages, and get Count Vain (rhythm guitar) in to do some tracks. And then…onto the penultimate studio step: mixing.

Voldamares completed his vocal tracks today and they sounded fucking tremendous.

The other day I finished doing the keys for 'Death Obssession' and 'The Noose', and am now even more enthused about the strange quality of this record. The latter piece is like nothing we've ever done-or released, at any rate-and I’m further convinced that the peculiarities of the album are appropriate in terms of a logical musical progression. We've really let loose and allowed ourselves the luxury of incorporating further external touches to our core of black metal, thus creating an album which has afforded us few, if any, musical/lyrical boundaries. As with our previous records, The Essence... is conceptual (though decidedly non-linear in terms of having a storyline), and it seems that this time we've embraced a theme more consciously than on either Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire or Ubermensch: Evolution Beyond The Species, which adds a level of real cohesion to the varying music. Ultimately the changes may not be overwhelming, but in addition to the two newest members (line-up changes will invariably influence direction), this stylistic leap is, we feel, a real progression for Eclipse Eternal."
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