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MessageSujet: Winger Interview    Mar 22 Juin - 20:39

Interview with Rod & Review of Penn's Peak Show - by TheTimesNews
Winger takes flight with latest CD

In 2006, the members of Winger reunited and recorded its fourth album. The comeback continues to provide a new lease on musical life for the quartet, which had its commercial zenith in the late 1980's and early 90's.
The latest product of the rejuvenated Winger is Karma, the band's fifth album, which was released last year on Frontier Records.

Karma demonstrates the band hasn't forgotten how to rock while on hiatus.
"We take it seriously," said Winger drummer Rod Morgenstein in a phone interview last week as the band prepares for its Friday night show at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, where it shares the bill with Canadian rockers April Wine and Palmerton-based Taunted by Tomorrow. "We put out heart and soul into it. We're all real proud of this record. We took our time recording it and putting it together, and we've been getting stellar reviews for it."
Winger debuted in 1987, taking the name of singer and bassist Kip Winger. The band's self-titled debut album was released a year later and included hard rocking hits such as "Seventeen", "Madalaine" and the more mainstream "Headed for a Heartbreak", all of which received ample radio play at the time.
In 1990 the band's second album, In the Heart of the Young", produced its biggest charting hit, "Miles Away".
In 1993, original keyboardist/guitarist Paul Taylor left the band, and Winger finished its third album, Pull, as a trio. During the ensuing tour, John Roth replaced Taylor on the road.

Over the years, the members of Winger have kept busy with their own projects.Kip Winger writes classical music that has been performed with ballet in San Francisco. Guitarist Reb Beach had lent his six-string prowess to Whitesnake. Morgenstein, a member of the Dixie Dregs, has worked with the Dregs' spin-off Jazz is Dead (the group performed at Penn's Peak in 2006) and is an assistant professor at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.
"We all come from different kinds of backgrounds and we've branched out into other areas," said Morgenstein. "We each bring what we do from our own lives into Winger. For some reason, the four of us really click

]"We're really close and we've maintained our friendships, but each of us is our own person and we have our own talents. They are all great musicians, and when we come together, we really love what we're doing."
The current live show includes material from all phases of Winger's career.
"We're doing at least three songs from Karma and the songs we're best known for, plus some of our favorites," related Morgenstein. "Some of the songs open up with expanded arrangements. It's a nice, diverse show, pulling things from all five of our records and with some surprises thrown in, too
Morgenstein said Winger will continue working together in the future as its members' careers permit.
"We always leave the door open to do more recording and touring," he said. "Winger is a great live band, and we still love what we're doing. When the well runs dry, it's time to stop doing it."[/size]

Winger, April Wine rock out at Penn's Peak

Staying power. Both Winger and April Wine demonstrated they still have it by rocking out at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe Friday night.

The bands have longevity working for them, which means a lot when many of their contemporaries have long packed it in.

This has already been a good year for April Wine, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame back in March.

Winger has been around only half as long, but the quartet's fifth album, Karma, demonstrates that it is still kicking butts and taking no prisoners.

With three quarters of its original line-up intact ("newcomer" John Roth replaced Paul Taylor way back in 1993), Winger headlined the evening by focusing on its newer material, which took up most of the first half of the set. Songs like the opening "Pull Me Under". "Deal With the Devil", "Stone Cold Killer" have a harder edge than some of the band's earlier, more pop-oriented fare and show Winger means business.

Winger still clearly has the musical chops. Bassist Kip Winger, who has taken to writing classical music when not in his namesake band, has the voice to hit all the high notes. Guitarist Reb Beach displayed he can still blaze his way around the fretboard with a flashy hammer-on style solo, teaming with Roth to give Winger its signature guitar-driven sound.

It's always a pleasure to watch Rod Morgenstein, a former member of the Dixie Dregs, present his considerable skills behind the drumkit. When it was time to take his bow on the drums, Morgenstein made the most of it with one of the highlights of the set.

Winger did perform one song from its 1996 comeback album IV ("Your Great Escape") as well as two selections from its third album Pull ("Blind Revolution Mad" and "Down Incognito") before shifting to its hit-filled first two records.

"Headed For A Heartbreak", "Seventeen", "Can't Get Enough" and "Madalaine" were what put Winger on the musical map back in the late 1980's and earlier 90's, not to mention its biggest charting hit, the power ballad "Miles Away".

You can read the entire article here:][/size][/size]

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MessageSujet: Re: Winger Interview    Sam 10 Juil - 12:05

Melodic Rock Festival II Gig Review -
Melodic Rock Festival II Review
by RockEyez .com

This brings us to the end of Melodic Rock Fest II with the final band of the evening WINGER. From the opening chords to "Pull Me Under" from their latest release "Karma," it was very, VERY clear that this wasn't the same band you use to listen to back in the 80's. These guys were HEAVY adding an edgy, aggressive hook to even their most melodic or "poppy" tunes. Vocally, Kip was in fine voice and Reb Beach was just phenomenal proving he could rip and shred with the best of 'em.
I also thought the set list itself was just awesome as they seemed to pick songs that really worked well together. "Down Incognito" was just incredible representing the band's "Pull" CD and always one of my favorite WINGER albums. and they didn't stop there as they also ripped through "Blind Revolution Man" also from the same release. "In The Heart Of The Young" was also clearly expressed in cuts like "Can't Get Enough," and awesome rendition of "Rainbow In The Rose" which found Kip setting his bass aside and stepping behind the keyboards, and a really stand-out version of "Easy Come Easy Go" which was always one of the edgier WINGER tracks but now with the band's grittier, more aggressive feel it sounds just absolutely KILLER!
I also liked the fact that they just kinda "glazed" over their forgettable "IV" release but they definitely picked THE best song in "Your Great Escape" which fit in perfectly just before Reb's guitar solo. Then, of course, there were all the hits. "Headed For A Heartbreak," closing the set with "Seventeen" and then taking their final bows with not just my favorite WINGER ballad but one of my all-time favorite ballads "Miles Away" before jetting into a sharp, more modern sounding version of "Madalaine." Then finally, wrapping up the evening once and for all along with special guest vocalist Terry Brock, the evening's events and Melodic Rock Fest II came to an end in the form of a cover of THE BEATLES classic "Helter Skelter." [/size]

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MessageSujet: Re: Winger Interview    Jeu 14 Oct - 22:45

Video Interview from Rock Fantasy Camp Premiere Party
Interview @ VH1 Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp Premiere Party
Rock Fantasy Camp Reality Series
Premiere's October 16, 2010 on VH1 Classic

Upcoming Rock Fantasy Camps
Philadelphia (October 22-24, 2010)
San Francisco (November 5-7, 2010)
Dallas (November 12-14, 2010)
Chicago (November 19-21, 2010)

More info at
or watch the promo video:

And don't forget to watch
That Metal Show
VH1 Classic Oct 23rd
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MessageSujet: Re: Winger Interview    Mar 19 Oct - 16:47

Article/Interview -
Wingin’ it
Cooper bassist and friends stage ‘Fantasy Camp’ for wannabe rockers
By Bill Burke

Kip Winger thinks everybody has a rock star inside of them.

Winger, the one-time bass player for Alice Cooper and leader of the ’80s hair metal band Winger, is one of three counselors on Mark Burnett’s latest unscripted series, “Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy Camp,” debuting tonight at 10 on VH1 Classic.
Part-time hobbyists and rocker wannabes - including one Marlboro native - form bands and learn what it takes to transform themselves into rock gods under the tutelage of Winger, former Quiet Riot bassist Rudy Sarzo and songwriter/producer Mark Hudson. In the finale, the groups face off in a battle of the bands to determine a champion.

Winger, who became involved at the urging of his friend Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger, found the experience life changing.

“I come from a line of preachers and teachers,” Winger told the Herald in a telephone interview from Nashville, Tenn. “Everybody on my dad’s side was either a preacher or a university professor. I can teach anyone to play music. I love doing it.”

Winger and his co-counselors assembled an audition from which bands were chosen gym-class style and then sequestered to rehearsal rooms to work on becoming a cohesive unit.

“You throw five people in a room who have never met each other before and they’re all kind of nervous,” Winger said of the process. “You count off - one, two, three, four - and everybody stands at attention. Everybody wants to make it work. It’s like putting 20 years of band experience in the space of a week.”

Marlboro native Joe Giglio had a head start on rock stardom. The 33-year-old - who now calls Hollywood home - was handpicked by Sarzo to play the drums. Giglio has gigged constantly since he was 15, and began landing steady music work within a month of relocating to California two years ago.
“It’s almost surreal,” he said. “I know I must’ve played ‘Cum on Feel the Noize’ onstage in the past, but it’s a little different playing it around someone involved in making the song famous.

Winger said the idea wasn’t so much to teach the fantasy campers how to primp and pose as much as it was to remind them why they were pursuing music and what the creative process is like. Giglio valued the experience.
“The show didn’t change how I play so much. It was really kind of cool working with Rudy,” Giglio said. “It wasn’t so much that he walked in and wanted to turn you into a specific type of player or wanted you to play a certain way. His focus was on being yourself and just working as a group to get this whole thing off the ground.”[/size]

Despite already having countless gigs and untold hours behind the skins, Giglio walked away from the show with newfound wisdom.

“No matter what you know, keep your mind open to new things,” he said. “Even if it’s something you think isn’t correct, if you keep an open mind, you can learn something in pretty much any situation.”
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Winger Interview
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