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 Lillian Axe tour 2010

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MessageSujet: Lillian Axe tour 2010   Mer 28 Avr - 18:23

Lillian Axe have also updated their tour schedule as follows:

16 - Gonzales, LA - Lamar-Dixon Expo-Centre

2 - Sarasota, FL - Muscle Fairgrounds
3 - New Port Richey, FL - Bourbon Street
23 - Corpus Christi, TX - Zeros Hard Rock Club
24 - Houston, TX - BFE Rock Club
29 - Shreveport, LA - Funny Bone Theater
30 - New Orleans, LA - Howlin Wolf

For more info on Lillian Axe visit their website.
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Messages : 8762
Date d'inscription : 14/04/2009
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MessageSujet: Re: Lillian Axe tour 2010   Mer 7 Juil - 21:42

LILLIAN AXE Tour Schedule Updated; Dallas Date Cancelled

LILLIAN AXE have updated their live itinerary, announcing that their July 23rd date at Trees in Dallas, TX has been cancelled.

Upcoming live dates currently include:

24 - Houston, TX - BFE Rock Club
25 - Oklamhoma City, OK - Rock 'N' America Festival
30 - New Orleans, LA - Howlin' Wolf
31 - Houma, LA - City Club of Houma

9 - New York City, NY - B.B. King's
13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Hard Rock Cafe

Love & War Records and Lillian Axe recently welcomed Ronny Munroe as the new voice of Lillian Axe. As of August 1st, Ronny Munroe, formerly the lead vocalist of METAL CHURCH, will join Lillian Axe as a fulltime member replacing departing vocalist Derrick LeFevre as lead vocalist of Lillian Axe.

A press release reads as follows:

The members of Lillian Axe wish Derrick LeFevre nothing but the best of luck in his future endeavors. Unfortunately Derrick could not commit to the rigorous touring schedule that Lillian Axe prides itself on to this day.

When Ronny Munroe takes the stage, he has the crowd’s attention. His unique vocal style sets him apart from other singers because he brings something extraordinary to every song. Ronny is an in-your-face performer, consummate professional, innovative lyricist and songwriter who fuses melody with hard hitting rock in a way that will take your breath away.

Lillian Axe founder and guitarist, Steve Blaze says, “We met Ronny in Seattle playing a show together two years ago. My first impression was “damn he’s tall!” After watching him perform, I thought to myself how amazing a vocalist and presence he was. I always keep in the back of my mind great talents when I see them, and Ronny was one of those guys. During the 3 days we spent together in New Orleans rehearsing and getting to know each other, I was amazed how well he fit in as a human being as well as a band mate. The true talent is only half the game; the person is the other. Ronny has it all. Having Ronny as a writing partner and performing partner is something I am very much looking forward to!”

Bassist Eric Morris agrees, “I am looking forward to what a vocalist like Ronny can bring to the table. I think he will add a whole new element and catapult our music into a brand new fan base as well as satisfy the die-hards.”

Lillian Axe's tenth album, Deep Red Shadows, is due for release on July 20th via Love & War Records.

Final tracklisting:

'Under The Same Moon'
'47 Ways To Die'
'The Quenching Of Human Life'
'A Minute Of Years'
'Nobody Knows'
'The Day I Met You' (acoustic)
'Sad Day On Planet Earth' (acoustic)
'Nocturnal Symphony' (acoustic)
'Deep Red Shadows' (instrumental)

Deep Red Shadows was produced by Steve Blaze, mixed by Rob Hovey and mastered by Ty Tabor of KING'S X.

The song '47 Ways To Die' was mixed by the famous and well respected record producer and engineer, Sylvia Massy. Sylvia Massy is best known for her work with the band TOOL (Undertow and Opiate). She also has gold and platinum albums with GREEN JELLY, POWERMAN 5000 and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS to name a few. Sylvia Massy also has worked with SEVENDUST, PRINCE, JOHNNY CASH, SEVEN MARY THREE and DEFTONES.

Ty Tabor of King's X is the special guest on the song 'The Quenching Of Human Life', adding an amazing guitar solo to the track.

The first single off of Deep Red Shadows will be '47 Ways To Die' and the band is planning on filming a video for the song shortly.
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Lillian Axe tour 2010
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